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Search engine positioning is relatively recent, a little more than a dozen years, and therefore many companies work independently, such as If it were something foreign to the global communication strat. Generate quality content. Link Building. Web Optimization. Creation of goals. Find out what position our website occupies in the Ranking. Study of keywords. It was common to read articles local business seo about SEO traps, manipulation of search results and the memorization of the people who are dedicated to this. Nowadays, nobody speaks in these terms anymore. But attacks on SEO continue to continually announce his death and tirelessly comparing it with communication on social networks.

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Analysis of the competition to find you. Optimize Charge Time. If loading a web fast is very important for SEO, when it comes to mobile optimization, with more reason. Create content for your users. It's not just about creating interesting content, but creating direct and easy-to-find content, because a mobile user does not have that much flexibility. SEO is the SEO. Apply the traditional SEO bases both on page and off page. Do not know how to get the maximum potential from them. However, those of us who work on this, and love our profession, know that local seo packages we have to think about SEO and that any communication action that takes place can contribute to improving our ranking positions.

Take care of the Geo location. Includes address and local phone number. Uses micro data. Geo location is one of the most important factors for mobile SEO. Generate a Mobile Sitemap. You can create the Sitemap through the Google Webmaster Tool. The idea of eternal return has inspired the thinking of philosophers for over years, from the Stoics to Nietzsche and the historian and philosopher. I recently read an article comparing Social Media strategies with SEO strategies and accused SEO of ineffective because good content is much more viral than strategies for search engine rankings. I do not see that good content for Social Networking is different from an SEO strategy.

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Under the prism of the eternal return, actions are repeated, invariably over time over and over again. Curiously, it is precisely this concept that should guide the work of SEO over time. If we establish a process of web optimization, the result will be a series of actions that are inescapable. egy. The program of studies in the faculties of communication, hardly includes matters related to SEO, SEM or Social Media, despite the spectacular growth of the advertising investment in online means since the year. The professionals of the communication local seo services india begin their professional trajectory practically alien to the SEO and the new advertising forms on the net and, when they meet with them in companies.

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For example, a striking campaign in printed media or billboards, will make bloggers and specialized magazines talk about it, and this will translate to high quality links to our page. Any advertising action can bring us, not only traffic, but relevance to the web and this must be taken into account, facilitating and enhancing the repercussion in the network from the same approach of the advertising action. Considering the impact on SEO and Social Media, not only can you save a lot of money, it will undoubtedly translate into sales. From its beginnings the SEO has been questioned either by its techniques or by its possibilities of communicating. When search engine optimization began to visit here be developed as an online marketing strategy.